Snuffy and Monique

Monique and Snuffy

Monique is a 2 year old Shih Tzu and Snuffy is a 3 year old White Standard Size Pomeranian.

They both like afternoon naps, running in the park and of course...cuddling and playing!

Snuffy is the more playful type and with the cheerful expression that never stops smiling. I got him three years ago, back then his fur wasn't as thick as it is now. He was the oldest of three puppies. Snuffy is certainly a one-of-a-kind wonder dog for me and a very special one.

Although he was hard to train (harder than Monique) he was able to snag the puppy intelligence award at our local dog show when he was 4 months old ( yup, all that training paid off)

He's also such a little rascal. He technically prefers to sleep on Monique's doggie bed than his very own.

He is my closest companion and is my every shadow... she has the most placid temprement and is always there and willing for a cuddle. 

Snuffy is happy to be a couch potato as always and enjoys dog gourmet in his favorite food bowl. He's the sweetest little boy you could asked for. sassy little girl. If Snuffy is a little rascal Monique definitely has her manners. Although the younger one , she acts like the total understanding older sister to Snuffy.

When Snuffy wanted her bed, she quietly chose Snuffy's dog bed instead ( which was ironic because Snuffy's bed was color Blue and Monique's is Pink).

Although she likes running and playing, she enjoys dressing up and shopping more. What a total girl she is!

Monique was very intelligent to train. She knows all the basic and tricky skills that Snuffy could only drool to see. ( Snuffy is still working on his skills, better watch out Monique)

 Monique is the little princess of the house and will always be Snuffy's best dog friend. Monique also knows how to pose for the cameras.

Visit my blog every now and then ( ok, make it everyday)! Once in a while I will post about their exciting doggie adventures and michiefs that every pet or dog owner will be delighted to know.

I love both of my dog's. There are the world's greatest treasure for me and I give them all the best of love that I could. For them my home is their very own castle. :)
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