Sibe and Green

Hello everyone. I just got a brand new DSLR camera and what more to do than take photos of my lovely and beloved pets. You probably met Snuffy, Monique, Bambi and Bingo.

This time meet Sibe and Green!

Pictured above is Sibe. Given to me by my cousin. It seems I waited for him all my life. He is an import and a great joy to have. You might think that dogs get the better of cats but actually he's the boss of the house. Picture above is him enjoying everyday life in the garden. 

The smallest of the litter they say. But I know he is a small cat with a big heart. He's proven that the day he came into my life.

Pictured above is Green. My chow-mix dog. The inspiration of the name comes from the fact that 99% of the time when he was a puppy he prefers to go outdoors. Really an outdorr dog he was. Adventurous and outgoing too. The most athletic of the whole bunch and he's the one who often goes to the park and walks with me. 

We went camping once. I thought I lost him that day when he suddenly ran but came back ten minutes later. I was frantic but then he was only excited. Lesson learned. Never let your dog out of your sight and hold on to the leash well when going in unfamiliar areas. They might just get too exited!

You'll be seeing more post of them in the future!

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