Pet Product Reviews

What kind of products do you review?

We seek product reviews for all kinds of pet products including grooming tools, food, leashes, collars, beds, crates, medicine, problem solvers other items. We publish reviews when we feel that a pet owner’s real-life experiences with that product would be beneficial to our visitors, or would help them decide if that product would be right for their pets.

In any case we can also review an item not pet-related if we think that our readers would be interested in knowing about the product.

How do I submit my product for your review?

Contact me at and tell me about the product. Please include a link to your website where I can learn more.

Are you honest with your reviews?

YES. 100%. I post the pro's & con's on each product, based on my opinion . Brands are constantly evolving their designs, and they want tried & true feedback so they can enhance and better their products. And consumers, of course, don't want to spend money on things that we don't need or are unworthy . I certainly don't, and I've spent a lot of money over the past year on pet products.

Do you test and review every product offered to you?

Yes, I do. I appreciate the effort of every individual, store or company who reaches out to me for a review.

What is included in your review?

My opinions and insights. To be clear: I include sponsor information on every review like the name of the product, company, website link, contact details and product availability.

How long does it take for a review on a product to appear on your blog?

It depends. I thorough try out the everything and analyze the pros and cons before doing a review. I'm also busy with my veterinary studies at the moment.

Do you do giveaways on some products you review?

Yes, most of the time. I love to share what I have received as well as to prove my point in the review and for my readers to personally test it out. Some exceptions are dog towels that I have used in my dogs. I only like to offer those which have not been used thoroughly and personally like a dog collar, leash or harness, carriers, etc

Are you compensated for doing the review?

None of my reviews are compensated. All are done without any monetary exchange. I do the reviews free  of charge and most of the time I offer giveaways. I do not receive any kind of compensation when I do the review. Everything is my honest evaluation and opinion of the product. I do this blog for personal enjoyment and a way to reach out and help people decide what products to buy their pets. I, myself love buying different kind of products and most of the time my money goes to the welfare of my pets and not mine so as a consumer, I love to read reviews of products before buying them.

Some of the reviews are bought by my own money.

My goal is to share my experience with pet products with my readers. I strive for well written product reviews that share my experience. I look for good quality products that deliver results! 

Thanks for reading!
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