Bambi and Bingo

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Bambi and Bingo

Wee! My two adorable cotton balls of fluff!

Before I claim these two cuties all for myself... They're actually my cousin's dogs. Aren't they just precious?

But they come to my house almost everyday so they're also my beloved pets.

The one with the blue ribbon is Bambi, the rival of my very own Monique. ( Not really rivals I say, more just of...well *coughs* ( they both like to dress up and endlessly ask for attention). Bambi is just a little bit more spoiled than my Monique. Blame my cousin for that.

Bingo on the other hand is best buds with my little Snuffy. The often race to the park and show off their very "athletic" running skills. I'm just a tad more careful when it comes to Bingo's hair since it could easily get stained and dirty. It's harder to keep him clean.

I brush and groom them everyday! A bath once a week and a trip to the groomer's at least once every two weeks.

I keep Bambi's hair a little bit more longer on the ears so that she would appear more girly. I love to tie them with ribbons and other great colorful stuff that matches her hair.

One thing I greatly learned about photographing them is that they look absolutely gorgeous on red. Especially if they're very white. I hope I could always keep their hair clean and white as snow. ( Let's just pray that Snuffy does not influence Bingo to roll on the mud). I would be posting more about them in my blog. Stay tuned! :)

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