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RockinPaws Shampoo and Conditioner Review

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RockinPaws Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Sometimes there are discoveries that makes our life easier like fire, airplanes, electric appliances and ready-mix pancakes. One of those is Rockin Paws! I love this brand for my dogs so much. Judy, the owner, is one fantastic dog mama! Monte and Pete (her Shih Tzus) are so lucky to have her.

I already tried the Rockin Paws Show Stopper Serum and I love it! Click here to read my review. I have so much expectations that I also decided to try the shampoo and conditioner. Would they live up to my expectations? Read more to find out.

Shipping was fantastic! It was fast considering I have an international address. As I have written in my previous post, the bottle has a convenient flip-cap design. The white band that you see in the bottle is a tape to actually further secure the product during shipping. Really cautious and safe!

RockinPaws is manufactured in the USA. We don't want dog shampoos and conditioners made from China, do we? I usually avoid China products because the regulations of food, shampoo, toys and other products for our pets are not strict and could often contain hazardous materials. I'm sure you've come across at least one horror story of pet food recall.

I was recently at my favorite grocery store and I happen to chance upon the dog section. I usually don't go there as I purchase most of my pet products from specialty stores but for curiosity's sake I did. I was horrified to see arrays of shampoo that are so brightly colored like red, orange, pink, green. Worst, at least 2 ladies place them in their carts before I could actually have the chance to talk them out of it. Highly not recommended. Coloring is pleasing to the eye but not for the skin and health of our pets. RockinPaws is color free which makes me love it even more.

RockinPaws Conditioner is PH Balanced and Paraben Free
RockinPaws Shampoo is Sulfate and Paraben Free

PH Balance is one of the major things you look for in dog coat products since often our pups have sensitive skin. Sulfate: Some dogs are actually allergic to it. Parabens should be avoided although there are no strong basis on how harmful it can be. Better safe than sorry.

I was surprised that the shampoo lathers quite well and the conditioner can be rinsed thoroughly. Both products feels especially lightweight and has a coconut-milk fragrance which I find rather pleasing.

Did I love the result? I do! Lilly my Shih Tzu can attest to that! The most difficult part in owning long haired dog is keeping the coat mat-free, smooth and silky. RockinPaws is officially my make-my-life-easy partner!

For a list of ingredients and directions, see the picture below:

My neighbor also requested me to recommend her a product for her 18 month old Golden Retriever and of course I asked her to try it out and the result was GOLDEN! Silky and smooth. Even her husband (who isn't the most observant, *peace*) asked her if she found a better groomer. It was just RockinPaws!

Overall, I have become a huge fan of the brand and the products.

Do try RockinPaws and see for yourself how your four-legged friends transform into superstars.

Visit their website for more info!

Disclaimer: I do not receive any monetary compensation for doing this review. All opinions are honest and of my own.
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