PAWW Secret Agent Collar and Leash Review

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 PAWW Secret Agent Collar and Leash Review

Let me start off by saying that I'm so sorry and I apologize that this review is so late. I couldn't find the draft that I wrote on MS Word but everything is fine now. Let's get to the review immediately!

Let us know a little about the company:

Paww is a brand new, design-focused pet products company driven to make smart gear for pets and their humans.

We are dog lovers by nature and product designers by training. We are constantly thinking about how we can improve the lives of people and pets through the products they interact with. All of our products strive to address an unmet need, either in the human, the animal, or, ideally, both. We spend a lot of time getting up close and personal with dogs and their owners to gain real empathy for the design challenge at hand.

At the end of the day, a leash connects two beings. We try our best to design amazing products that make life better for both of them.

My first impression of this product was I haven't found anything like it! It's unique in an amazing kind of way. I used this to walk my pup on a Pet expo last October and I was approached by 6 people. Four of them asked me which booth from the expo I bought it from and 2 complimented it. naturally I was so proud so let me share this product with you. We will go through the technicalities and details. Both PAWW collar and leash are durable and stylish. This product proves that we don't need glittery blings to make something look good.

I simply adore the collar although I wouldn't want to place a treat in there as my pup would be frantic in finding it. I am yet to find a use for it but at the moment it is a nice feature to have.

About the compartment in this leash, I can't stress enough how thankful I am for it. There are times I forget to bring disposable bags and this saved me from it. I

The compartment is roomy enough and because of it I am a law abiding citizen that always brings disposable bags to clean up the "mess".

Both leash and collar are extra soft. The back both actually have a "mesh" like design which provides comfort. The buckles are also of good quality.

If you're looking for a unique product then I would highly recommend this. It is stylish without compromising comfort and durability.

Visit their website for more info.

Disclaimer: I do not receive any monetary compensation for doing this review. All opinions are honest and of my own.

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