Nutrish Soup Bones and Savory Bites Review

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Nutrish Soup Bones and Savory Bites Review

My pups received a very special treat today! Did you guess it right? Yes it's from Rachael Ray again! Just in case you missed my review about their Nutrish Zero Grain product, here is the link to it.

The box that contains the products is actually very neat. I seldom receive packages that are colorfully printed. Rachael's team really knows their game. This post will be loaded with photos so buckle-up and get ready for take-off!

Let's take a peak inside shall we? There's even a pop-up bowl included. 

Tadaa! Soup Bones and Savory bites. 2 of the most sought after premium dog treats in the market. They were placed in none other than Rachael's own cookware line.

To start off with the review proper, let's us know a little more about the Soup Bones and Savory Bites flavors and sizes that I have received.

Soup Bones Real Chicken & Veggies Flavor

Made with real chicken and garden veggies, these long-lasting chews have all the deliciousness of a wholesome soup bone with a tender, meaty center inside.

  • Savory, long-lasting chews with a tender, meaty center
  • Highly digestible with no splintering or mess
  • No meat by-products or artificial colors
  • Perfect for small, medium or large dogs

Soup Bone Minis Real Beef & Barley Flavor

Made with real beef and hearty barley, these long-lasting mini chews have all the deliciousness of a wholesome soup bone with a tender, beefy, meaty center. Perfect for smaller dogs.

Savory Bites Real Beef & Veggies

Soft and chewy treats made with tender, real beef and veggies for a treat sensation your dog can't resist.

  • Real beef is the #1 ingredient
  • Made with delicious garden veggies you can see like peas and carrots
  • No corn, wheat, fillers, or gluten
  • No beef by-products

What made me love this product as soon as I started reading about it ( note: I don't feed anything to my pups without research, I do my homework diligently if you know what I mean) is that they don't have any artificial colors and meat by-products. I think it's pretty natural that we only want the best for our pups and sometimes if not most of the time it is quite difficult to distinguish good from bad dog food. However to give you a quick hint, food with artificial coloring is low-quality. Most high quality dog food manufacturers and producers don't need to entice customers with colorful gimmicks because they know what ranks most and it is NUTRITION.

I would also like to give importance that Nutrish is manufactured in the USA and so are the sourcing of their ingredients. Some are from quality countries of origin like Australia and New Zealand.

Patiently waiting for me to open the treats:

Giving me the annoyed look:

Ok, she couldn't take it anymore and pulled out the treat herself:

The first thing I've noticed when I opened the treat packet is that they didn't have this overwhelming smell that most dog treats usually have. If I would say otherwise, they actually smell pleasant. What I find most interesting about the treats is the delicious meaty center! Yumm! I love the idea of my pups eating the treats and then get rewarded by a more delicious part in every chew.

The treats, both Soup Bones and Savory Bites, are what I can call "mess free" as they don't leave a sticky or powdery feeling on my fingers.

Trying to reach the treats:


The treats are surprisingly soft as I could often break and bend them with my fingers. I could even dig my nails into them.

My little dog finished the Savory Bite quickly as they are one of the softest treats I have ever tried. I wasn't even able to take a good photo. I would recommend Savory Bites for a quick and portable snack for rewarding your dogs.

As for the Soup Bones Mini:

They actually last much longer than I expected them to since they're pretty soft. My little pomeranian literally *danced* around the treat which she only does when excited so experience would tell me it is super YUMMY!

She even attempted to take the bigger Soup Bone, however I did not allow it as this version is much better suited for medium to large dog breeds

Let me just highlight some points and summarize my review:

Safe Chewing: They give my pups a fun time chewing while erasing the fear of splintering and swallowing harmful substances since they don't have artificial color and meat by-products.

Meaty center: This is quite the highlight and the delicacy. Your dog will definitely be delighted in every bite as they work their way to the middle.

Smell: Not overwhelming and don't trigger any sneezing

An American Product: Manufactured in USA

Longevity: The treat is enough to occupy your pet for a few minutes as they finish it up quickly. 

A rewarding treat: This could be use for training if broken up in little pieces.

With all dog treats, supervision is highly recommended. To sum it all up, the treats are indeed superior than most treats in the market today.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones and Savory Bites are intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Don't forget to provide a bowl of fresh and clean water always.

Disclosure: All opinions are of my own. I do not receive any monetary compensation for doing this review.

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