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Rockin PawsShow Stopper Coat De Matting and Shine Serum Review

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Rockin PawsShow Stopper Coat De Matting and Shine Serum Review

Show Stopper? That's a pretty big word especially for a world full of stunning and unique pups. Wonder if this product will be able to live up to it's name and claim.

Awhile back, I was able to talk to the wonderful owner/creator of Rockin Paws, Judy, and she's great. She recommended me this product and I was sure excited to try it out.

Something about Rockin Paws:

Rockin’ Paws was started when its founder and “doggie mama on-the-go”, Judy Arnold, needed to find effective and time saving styling products for her own darling on-the-go rock stars, Monte and Pete.

Something about the product:
 Rockin’ Paws SHOW STOPPER Coat De-Matting and Shine Serum is specially formulated to provide ultra-deep condition and lustrous, show-stopping shine to your four legged star’s coat. Enriched with Jojoba Oil for deep conditioning and Avocado Oil for nourishment & shine, Show Stopper Serum adds softness, restores moisture to your precious pet’s coat and helps guard against mats. Our exclusive Rockin’ Paws formula helps detangle with more ease and, when used regularly, allows for easier and less frequent combing or brushing. Both you and your star will appreciate the ease in grooming, the extra time to run and play, and gleam with pride at the shiny results of a Show Stopper grooming.

It’s super easy to use Rockin’ Paws SHOW STOPPER Coat De-Matting and Shine Serum. Just rub a nickel-sized amount of Rockin’ Paws SHOW STOPPER Serum between your hands, then massage evenly into entire towel-dry or dry coat. Depending on the size of your four-legged star, you may need to  use a few more nickel-sized portions of serum. Comb or brush through for a beautiful soft, shiny and great smelling coat. You’ll want to cuddle with your four-legged star for life when you see and feel the lustrous results.

If I was to compare this to a human product, then this serves as a leave-on conditioner. Fantastic idea! I have to admit, its not an easy thing to groom all 7 dogs and counting. It's a challenge, a trial especially when some of them have extra long coats. I have an affinity for maintaining the fur/hair of my pups (with the exception of extra hot summers). There's just something in  the shine and luminosity of their coats when groomed.

The packaging is in a sturdy classic type of bottle with flip kind of cap. For my readers who don't quite get my description then the picture below is just for you. It's convenient, spill-safe and actually saves the product.

Anyone here who is still in the stone age era who uses the remove-the-whole-cap-to-take-some product kind of packaging?

To show you the consistency of this product. It's oily as most serums are suppose to be however it's runny ( you can see it almost dripping from my fingers) which is a plus so that I would be able to easily spread it evenly across the coats.

So what exactly is my experience in regards to this product? Superb! It did make the coat lustrous and shiny. Did my pups become a show stopper, well they're already show-stoppes ( vanity or just too  much adoration?) but this made them stars!

I've tried this on my Shih Tzu whose coat I adore so much...So the effects? Taddaaa! Drum roll, please!

And another shot with a little head tilt because I simply can't get enough of it!

I was using my phone camera on the images of my tzu but if it was a DSLR, you will better see the amazing shine. I am officially a fan! Recommended? Of course, as a fan, I would!

One tip that I  have discovered when apply the serum if you're having difficulty is to use a plastic comb ( metal is fine too ) smear the serum  between the brush-teeth and brush your pup. Voila! Even distribution without wasting!( Note, you do not use the plastic comb for grooming. Use the metal one, you only use the plastic one for even distribution of the product into the hair or fur)

Rockin Paws also have different products like the shampoo and conditioner and although I wasn't able to try them out, if given a  chance, I would in a heart beat!
Disclaimer: All opinions are honest and of my own. I do not receive any monetary compensation for doing this review.   

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