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Maqnifiscent Grooming and Finishing Splash Review

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 Maqnifiscent Grooming and Finishing Splash Review

Anyone here who loves cotton candy? All hands up? Alright! Let's proceed with the review the the Maqnifiscent Grooming and Finishing Splash. Now that's a mouthful to say.

Some info of the product taken from their site:

Maqnifiscent Grooming and Finishing Splash is a non-toxic alcohol and paraben free formula safe for use on all pets. 

Neutralizes bad odors
Conditions your pet's skin and coat
Over 200 fragrances to choose from
Create your own custom scent
Serving customers all over the world
Used by 25 groomers nationwide and growing
Family owned and operated

Uum, 200 fragrances? That's a lot, perfumes for humans doesn't even come in that much choices!

They also have other flavors. You can check their site in regards to that but for now let's start on the review.

For the packaging, the bottle is quite sturdy. It is in spray form which releases a fine mist, better than what other products had to offer. This conveniently saves up the product.

It's made in USA. I do love USA or Europe made products as the quality is superb ( I'm not saying all of them are). I've never had a bad or negative experience worth ranting about. Although some products made in Asia are extremely excellent as well.

The product will last you depending on what kind of dog you have. Technically speaking, if you have a giant malamute, this will probably only last you a month but if you have a Chihuahua, then a year or more than that.

I only use this product on my dogs after every bath as I observed that this stays longer and smells better if I do.

My friend asked me to spray this on her husky, it lasted for 3-4 days. After that the smell was waning off probably overwhelmed by her super energetic dog who likes to play in the mud. But it's staying power is good.

Some instructions:

Shake well before using. Do not spray in or near pet's eyes. Spray 6 inches away from pet. Rub into your pet's fur and enjoy the fresh contact activated fragrance. For best results use on short hair.

The consistency is watery. I've sprayed it on my hand just to give you a clear idea. There is also a little texture of oil? I'm not sure of that but it is probably to stick to the dog's coat to make it shinier and last longer.

So you, with stinky pups, this is a quick fuss-free fix for that. Cuddle them up in maqnifiscent smells. I like the sound of that! If you're not a fan of cotton candy, rest assured they have hundreds of variants available!

Disclaimer: All opinions are honest and of my own. I do not receive any monetary compensation for doing this review.    
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