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Yarrah Review: Part 2

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Yarrah Review: Part 2

I'm always looking forward when I have something revolutionary and a breakthrough discovery that I just have to share with you. You guess it right, it's about Yarrah again!

If you would like to read part 1, please visit the link below:

This is another variant, dog and cat chews.

Yarrah Chew Stick dog with Beef and Chew stick Cat with Fish

I believe this is a tastier alternative than what most brands offer. Clean and mess free. It doesn't leave a messy or powdery residue in your hand.

Rating for this is 10/10

No artificial additives
High meat contect

It's a little small and very soft, so my dog ate it up immediately. If you're looking for chews that would keep your doggies occupied, this one might not work for you. Although a soft chew is what I prefer as it is so much safer than hard ones.

Yarrah Catfood Dry

Pictured below is food for adult cats. I'm sure it was irresistible as my dog stole what I was suppose to feed my cat. I guess, you could also feed it to your dog, but I don't see why because they also have a product range for dogs.

I was able to finish giving the cat food to my cat and boy oh boy are they in love with it.

Rating is 10/10 given by both cat and my dog

Tasty as always ( I don't there there is a Yarrah food that doesn't have this quality)
Good ingredients

I sneezed once when first opening the product. I could be very sensitive. Not a big deal. Just breathe through your mouth and not you nose for the meantime

 Yarrah Dry Dog Food

Below is sample sizes of their dog food range for both adults, puppies and senor dogs:

As I only have received sample sizes, I can't really give my overall verdict but it's the same with other dog food like Blue Buffalo and Canidae. It did not blow me away like their wet food product range but it did not disappoint me either.

Rating is 8/10

Yarrah Organic Vegetarian Multi dog Biscuits

Last is their vegetable treat

Although this product is my least favorite, it doesn't mean I hate it. My pickiest dog still ate it. However, not with as much gusto as other Yarrah products. Probably because its made of vegetables and not meat:

List of ingredients:
Composition: cereals* (wheat*, corn*), sugar* (glucose syrup from corn*), oils and fats* (sunflower oil*), minerals, vegetables* (spinach powder*), yeasts, algue* (seaweed* 0.1%, spirulina* 0.03%)

What can I say, my pets are meat lovers. I would recommend this to pets who are used to eating fruits and vegetables. Also owners with sensitive allergies, as this did not make me sneeze at all. No nose itching!

Rating: 7/10

Disclaimer: All opinions are honest and of my own. I do not receive any monetary compensation for doing this review.  
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