BowWow Meow Pet Tags Review and Giveaway

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BowWow Meow Pet Tags Review and Giveaway

Do you ever had those times when you think you have found something so perfect? This is one of those times. By the way, this tag is from Australia! I have so much to rave about this tag. This is the most beautiful, best quality tag I have ever had or seen. I have been to several countries before and on the look our for anything new that catches my attention but seriously, this is simply the best of the best.

To tell you honestly, the picture below simply doesn't do them enough justice.

In real life, not in pictures, the tags are sturdy and high quality, shiny, shiny, did I just say shiny twice?!

Let me give you some information about the company:

Bow Wow Meow is an award-winning business that was established in 1995, and provides pet tags to over 2,500 pet stores and vets across the Asia Pacific.

Our website has been servicing customers around the world for over 8 years, and our tags can now be found on more than 2 million satisfied cats and dogs in over 75 countries, including the USA and Canada.

As the leading pet tag supplier in the region, we come across thousands of new and interesting pet names every month. We launched this website  in 1998 as a fun way to share this wealth of names with pet owners. It became the first web site in the world to help people find a name for their pet and remains one of the most popular pet web sites on the net, attracting over a million visitors per year.

Let me show you the tags up-close so you could better appreciate them.

The first one is a blue colored paw print. Very nice and unique, shiny and glittery

The second one is this blue tag as well. I just have a thing for blue tags. It's quite big.  I would probably buy this if you have a larger dog. I think they have a small one, this one is probably the large one.

Third and fourth is this. Third one has no glitter, perfect for that classy, sleek and sophisticated style. Fourth one is glittery with non glitter silver paws. Cute and perfect for small dogs. In my opinion this would look cute on lighter fur, hair doggies. It brings out the color.

The best thing that I like about these dog tags is that they offer a lot of selection. Namely, Fashion tags, Colorful Designer tags, Sparkling Bling tags, Plastic Colored tags, Glitter and Brass & Stainless tags.

Most stores offer a selection as well but not on the type. Just the design. One more thing, the tag could be customize with you pet's name or contact info or probably anything you want to have engraved in the tag.

In case you're having difficulty choosing a tag that's right for your pet. Fear not! They have a tag finder that asks you whether your pet is a male or female, dog or cat, what color the fur is. But I chose the tags without using that. There is always something special and good by just trusting your intuition.

Is it a must buy? If you're looking for a dog tag and didn't buy one yet, then definitely! It's perfect and very durable. It would last for a very long time. As for price comparison, most tags retail for $10-$13. I've checked other brands and sites, they almost have little or no difference in price.

They have the same retail price and for the quality, I would be very much inclined to choose them compare to other dog tags. But it depends on the style and function that you really want. This is one of those same-price-as-other-market-products but a luxury kind. More like a Chanel bag but with the price of a Old Navy bag. Makes sense? No? Well probably that's because I never owned a Chanel bag in my life. lol

I'm sure you have been waiting for this, so here it comes...The giveaway. I would be giving the most beautiful tag I have received:

If you zoom it, you can probably see the quality. May I add that it has gems on the side? Double wow for that! Don't worry, the gem won't fall off. Super durable! This reminds me of Disney's Classic Lady and the Tramp when I was young. The time when Lady got her collar? Yup, it has that shiny diamond in it. In real life, if it was bone shaped, it would have been as luxurious as this. I searched the whole department store and house for something similar to that. Failed attempt at that time but finally, mission accomplished!

How to win:
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