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Announcement: 3 Year Anniversary

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Announcement: 3 Year Anniversary

Hello my lovely readers! I can't believe it's been 3 years of blogging while sharing information and meaningful stories together with all of you!

TheCozyPet Blog has official turned 3 years!

Inspiration, Story and Remembrance:
Looking back, I found inspiration in my little dog who looked me in the eye and told me that I would be able to contribute to the world in my own little way by speaking my mind. It was a year full of adventure and excitement. A year I will forever cherish and has been engraved in my heart.

This blog is a remembrance and an inspiration of that little dog. He was my everyday hero, more than a friend, a loving family member. Someone who would just lay and sit beside me when I'm feeling down. Someone who understood my feelings when it seems nobody could. Someone who shared my joy and daily happiness and felt overwhelm by the little things I could offer. I could never thank him enough. He offered the world to me in his little paws and I know I could never give so much back to him in my lifetime.

He isn't with me now. He's over the rainbow bridge. I hope he has found new doggy friends, but I'm sure he misses me much as well. He would always hide behind my feet and trusted me more than any other person.

I had my shortcomings with him and I'm sure I will regret and look back forever. I will never forget that little dog who saved me in times of sadness and desperation. He was my light, a companion although small he has a spirit so immense that it envelops me.

This blog is 3 years old. The same age you passed away. It makes me teary eyed just to write this post. I remember all the things we have gone through and how even you could not literally hold my hand with your paw, you took my heart in yours.

I dedicate this blog to him. I love you my little champion! You are forever engraved in my heart. Thank you.

What's in store for the future:
I'm excited to share more with you my readers!

I will be  posting a lot of new giveaways, reviews, and monthly favorites. So I hope you stay tuned.

I love sharing products especially dog or pet items. It brings me back to the time when I and my little dog had so little in life. I can't say I have a lot now but it's better than before and with that sentiment I would be giving away a lot of things this coming months so I hope you're excited as I am.

A lot of you have been asking me for the last few years about what product I recommend with this and that. What food is most recommended for this problem, what you can do to remedy and a lot more. So recently I started reviewing products that fits all of those questions and needs. I'm sorry if I haven't thought of this earlier. This would make everything easier as answering each emails is slower. If I post it in this blog, it would be accessible to everyone and much faster.

I have a few reviews right now. There would be plenty more to come in the coming months and years. All reviews are honest. I would never compromise my readers' trust and dedication who had helped make this blog successful.

Monthly Favorites:
I had been recently watching videos in YouTube and I see a lot of monthly favorites video so I told my self, why not? It would fun and helpful. It would include the products that I have tested out and loved. Mostly pet-related items of course. Would you like me to make a people monthly favorites? Maybe, but let's focus on this first. I'm so excited. I would be posting it in the last week of the month or the first week of the following month.

New Banner:

It's not really new. Same old logo and a saying that I so much agree and understand. What's different is that I tilted the text in a different angle to make it look new. Just for the 3 Year anniversary!

Once again thank you my readers. I had so much fun and I hope it will continue in the years to come.


TheCozyPet Blog

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