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Zero Grain Dog Food from Rachael Ray Nutrish Review

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Zero Grain Dog Food from Rachael Ray Nutrish Review

My day started a little bit sour today. I was out jogging and I almost landed flat in my butt in front of other people practicing their dance steps. Embarassing? Yeah, you could say that. On the brighter side, my mood drastically change from stormy to sunny that day. I was more than pleasantly surprised when the FedEx man knocked at my door to deliver a package from Rachael Ray Nutrish *does the happy dance*. All of my fur babies jumped on the sofa when I opened the box so I guess they are pleased as well.

Needless to say it was delivered in class and style. I couldn't help but marvel at it. The one who did the packaging deserves a tap on the shoulder.

Yup, they even included grain samples in a bottle. Thumbs up for creativity.

 Below is a better view of the package.

Let's end the little chat and get down to business. Rachael Ray Nutrish features a brand new zero grain product. You might be wondering what it means entirely? Aren't dog food made of meat and contains a lot of protein? Not entirely, some dog food are almost entirely made up of grains or what we can call fillers. They are relatively less expensive but won't give your pets the proper nutrition.

So is this grain free dog diet just a trend to the ever increasing  selection of dog food.. Not at all. Tracing back to the origins of our cute, loyal, and fun-loving pets, they all came from wolves ( yup, pretty hard to imagine your cute little Maltese descending from a wolf heritage). Wolves love meat. They don't eat grain. They have transcended time and are very much healthier than most dogs.

The advantages of feeding grain free dog food:

For me: I have slight allergies to dog food. I bought a certain brand before and I thought the house was going to run out of tissue when I opened the pack. This Zero Grain Dog Food is fantastic. No sneezing or headache.

For our furbabies: I often feed market-fresh meals, I cook them myself. But let's admit it. It's time-consuming and sometimes not very practical. I have 8 dogs right now and counting. That's why I'm thankful for products such as these that are healthy and guilt-free (if you know what I mean, we could get lazy)

The ingredients:

Grain free offers several benefits. You might not notice it at first, but grain-free dog food can make a coat look healthier and shinier. Recommended for dogs with seizures, pregnant and lactating ones. One of the most common is fewer allergies. Some dogs are allergic to grain that may lead to vomiting and frequent diarrhea.  Some dogs have sensitive stomachs just like us humans. Balding and dark pigmentation may also result from feeding low quality grains. Changing to a healthier diet would save you more from expensive vet bills.

The dog food is also Made in the USA. Probably, you won't pay as much attention to this but I do. I've read a lot of reports about dog poisoning and their health is slowly degenerating because of dog food that is Made in China. It could contain harmful chemicals like lead. So next time you shop around for dog food, consider this one. You don't have to worry about the processing.

Did I also forget to mention that the Rachael Ray Zero Grain is Real Turkey, raised on U.S. farms, is always the first ingredient. It’s lean, easily digestible, and may help to provide relief from many food allergy symptoms.

I'm not saying that I have anything against feeding grains in dog food but some companies have a reputation of using the cheapest grains that they can find, often rejects of the human industry. Personally, almost 50% of what I earn is alloted for my beloved pets  and I couldn't imagine feeding them rejects. Rachael Ray Nutrish product line is made of high quality products. I've read a statement in their website:

Rachael Ray Nutrish® foods are made by Ainsworth Pet Nutrition®. Like Rachael, we only want the best for our furry family members. That's why our commitment to safety surpasses anything in the marketplace today. In fact, we are the first pet food manufacturing company in the U.S. to receive a Facilities Food Safety audit rating of "Excellent" from the Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Level II auditing standard in accordance with the Global Food Safety Initiative.

Depending on your dog's activity level and sensitivity, both diets, grain and grain-free have their respective advantages. Just choose companies that provides quality ones like Rachael Ray Nutrish. It can be found easily in most groceries and is affordable for the quality it provides. Available in 6lbs and 14lbs.

Rachael Ray also  has an organization for helping dogs who had somehow been forgotten and are not as loved as your furbaby. You can read about it here. And since I am reviewing a company with a heart for rescuing dogs, I might as well introduce the newest addition to the pack.

Introducing Whippet! ( No, not the Whippet breed, just Whippet). She's actually a Bullmastiff mix, 3 years of age but when I first adopted her the first thing that popped out of my mind was whippet because of her lean built unlike most Bullmastiff and how she runs. I was planning on changing it but the name just stucked.

The problem with newly adopted dogs is that sometimes if not most of the time, they tend to refuse eating dry dog food. This was also Whippet's case. 90% of dog food I buy gets eaten by the rest as she plainly refuses them. I couldn't blame her but I just had to find a solution. I didn't know it would be this one. Just when I thought I had to cook meals everyday, I can finally have a break Life really has it's surprises.

Looking for the kibble!

If I didn't stop her in the time she could have plunged her head in the bag and start chowing down. Now, now, you have new friends now that would love to share this delicious new discovery together with you.

I also received this recyclable bag which I could use to carry my groceries! Will the surprises ever stop?

Overall, the Zero Grain dog food is rated 5 stars by me and my dogs as well. I've noticed they seem to finish it up faster than most brands and gives me the puppy eyes for more. Which in time I've learned to be immune to (or not). So I'm guessing it's not only healthy but delicious as well not that I have ever tried eating it. Rachael Ray Nutrish is definitely on my must try recommendations for you.

Visit their site for more info:

If you also want to purchase their products, please use the "where to buy" guide as I've read comments that most of the products have an increasing demand so some could be out of stock easily.

Disclaimer: All opinions are honest and of my own. I do not receive any monetary compensation for doing this review.
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