Harness Lead Review

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 Harness Lead Review

Here's another product that I'm sure most of you will love especially those with larger dogs.

Introducing the Harness Lead! What makes it different from other dog products is that it is an all-in-one dog equipment. You don't have to buy a separate collar, leash or harness. Another thing that I've notice as well is that the quality is just superb. It's not flimsy and makes you feel secure.

Ever had one of those leashes, the "tape" kinds that makes you wonder if it will just snap one day in the most unexpected time. I surely don't want to run around chasing after my dog. He might hurt himself or others. Of course, this wouldn't happen if you have a well-trained dog who follows voice command. My dogs are pretty obedient...at home. They get very excited when being walked outside.

About Harness lead:

Harness Lead is simple to use,  fits any body type, escape proof & is 3 leashes in ONE!

It is the only slip lead designed to convert into comfortable harness form. When used in Harness Lead mode there is no more choking, gagging and uncomfortable pressure around the trachea. 

The pressure is diverted to the midsection rather than the neck. Harness Lead can also be used as a non-choking collar lead. Or use as a slip lead for SHORT TERM transport needs only to avoid prolonged pressure around trachea.

My first reaction when I opened the package which revealed the Harness is that...Wow! Amazing! Good Quality! Very Useful! Durable!....after a few seconds....umm, wait, how do I actually use this. I admit it was pretty confusing at first, but fear not, there is a very clear instructional video.

Click here for the video

And then here is the end result:

Photo credit goes to Harness Lead
A quick check in Ebay gives me this information: average cost: collar: $6 leash: $15 harness:$12. Well. if you decide to purchase the Harness Lead for $24.99, I'm sure you'll not regret it. It offers unbeatable functionality and is a one size fits all.

It's made in USA. Comes in a variety of colors: Pink, Plum, Blue, Black, Red.

If you prefer to go outdoors in grassy or sandy areas, I would suggest that you get the plum or the black colored ones as the stains wouldn't be easily seen. But the Harness doesn't magnet dirt so you wouldn't have to worry in this department. Red looks really stunning on darker colored dogs. Light colored leash for darker fur and darker colored leash for lighter fur. This is just my opinion though. I still think that the black harness would also look great in a black Labrador.

To know about their products, visit their page:

Let me know what you think if you were able to try the Harness Lead if you haven't give it a try!

Disclaimer: All opinions are honest and of my own. I do not receive any monetary compensation for doing this review. 

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