Drinkwell® Big Dog Fountain Review

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Drinkwell® Big Dog Fountain Review

Clean water is important. It is one of the component critical to life. The need for clean and fresh water cannot be just ignored. Same goes for our pets. It must be available at all times. But sometimes we cannot avoid the fact that we tend to forget to change water in pet bowls especially if they are large ones and it can stand there for days completely riddled with bacteria.

With this thought in mind, the Drinkwell Big Dog Fountain was created!

About the product:
Developed by a Veterinarian, the Drinkwell® Big Dog Pet Fountain provides 288 oz (2.25 gal) of fresh, filtered water to your pet. A patented free-falling stream of water entices your pet to drink more and continually aerates the water with healthful oxygen. A charcoal filter removes bad tastes and odors, giving your pet the best way to stay hydrated! This model features a 5-inch deep bowl to help prevent spills and a 1-gallon reservoir to increase capacity and make refills easy. 

  • Ideal for large dogs or dogs who tend to spill or splash water
  • 288 oz (2.25 gal) total water capacity (between the reservoir and bowl)
  • Receiving ramp and adjustable flow control reduce splash of falling water
  • Replaceable charcoal filter removes bad tastes and odors
  • Lid snaps in place to prevent accidental removal
  • No assembly required
  • Completely disassembles for cleaning
  • Water intake grate catches hair and kibble
  • 5-inch bowl wall with "splash guard" creates a deep pool of fresh water and prevents splashing
  • Rubber feet prevent sliding
  • For indoor use only
Let me run you through the different components of the product and it's function.

The first is the bowl itself and the reservoir.

The charcoal filter. Charcoal is very effective in trapping impurities as well as things like chlorine that is usually found in tap water in most cities. The result of this is your pet will be drinking pure, contaminant-free water.

The instruction manual. In my opinion this is not needed as the bowl is very easy to use. You fill the bowl with water, then the reservoir, then plug..and tadaa!

Some important reminders.

The reservoir. It was bubbling up since I filled it first. You have to fill the bowl with water before the reservoir.

So I filled the bowl with water. Don't fill it much as it may splash around although it has a "splash guard" so maybe that's not really an issue.

This one is the knob or maybe the switch so that you can control how fast you want the water to flow.

So here it is! I've heard some complains about the water fountain being noisy. No, that's not true. I can attest to it. It has a "motor" sound but it's not that noisy as exaggerated by some. My air-condition is much noisier than this. I could sleep well with the fountain in my bedroom. Just as an added information, I'm not a deep sleeper and I'm pretty alert but this one doesn't bother me.

Close up of the water as it flows

 Clean and well oxygenated water. Just an observation but you also probably noticed this too. Dogs prefer to drink flowing water. Whenever I try to water my garden using a hose, some of my dogs would immediately run towards me and drink from it. I'm sure there has to be some explanation for it but the Big Dog Water Fountain offers just that. It encourages them to drink more and become healthier.

The price for  the Drinkwell® Big Dog Fountain is $74.99. It's quite reasonable taking the time and effort and the benefit it offers. Vet bills are expensive nowadays. $40-$50 per visit but if your pet is sick then it rockets up to $200-$500+. Yikes!

This product is highly recommended if you have multiple pets. It has an enormous capacity of water than the normal water bowls thus there is always an ample supply plus it maintains the water clean.

If you're interested, you can purchase this at Petsafe:

They have the most amazing customer service I have ever encountered. No exaggeration here. Especially Max who had helped me thoroughly with the fountain. What makes a business truly remarkable is the people who are willing to assist and help. Petsafe is one of those companies.

Disclaimer: All opinions are honest and of my own. I do not receive any monetary compensation for doing this review.

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