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Bedtime Bones Review

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Bedtime Bones Review

You know what they say, there's nothing like a good nights sleep!

Remember Chamomile tea? This infamous product is used by a lot of people worldwide as a universally acknowledge herb in calming and stress-relief. That's why a few years back, I was really disappointed when most treats for dogs involve heavily processed ones and there are limited choices which we can really call "green".

That's why I was pleasantly surprise when I discovered Bedtime Bones!

About the product:

Bedtime Bones are an organic, chamomile bedtime treat for your dog (Yes, chamomile affects your dog the same way it does you). The package is made from recycled materials made with wind power.  There are no wheat, soy, corn or fillers to spoil any appetites. Small dog bones are packaged one for every day of the month, plus a little extra to share.

It makes a great gift for your dog or the dog lover in your life.  And it's a natural to help your dog get to sleep.

Ingredients: all organic-rye flour, oat bran, brown eggs, canola, chamomile, honey

The best thing about it is that it only retails for $9.99 very affordable. It can last you for a month. One treat per night for a good nights sleep. No more counting sheep for our lovely pup. Or in my case barking and jumping around.

I usually only give detail to the product itself but I just had to mention this. I love the packaging! It has such a homey and inviting appeal. The logo is so cute with the little dog sleeping comfortably.

It also comes in a their own box when shipped. The packaging is made of recycled materials that are environmentally-friendly. What can I say, the creator of this product really took into consideration a lot of things before Bedtime Bones was created.

Now on to the important part. The active ingredient is Chamomile. I'm sure you've heard about it before. Chamomile has a lot of beneficial qualities like helping treat anxiety, sleeplessness, stomach pain, and gas. It can also reduce inflammation, speed wound healing, reduce muscle spasms, and promote sleep.

I wonder if this can only be fed to dogs. My kitty would love this. So would my rabbit. We're all different creatures but I must admit that there are some herbs that benefit us in similar ways. Mother Nature really cares for all her creatures. You don't have to use the real plant as Bedtime Bones is a genius way of being able to add Chamomile to our pet's diet.

Here's a close up of Bedtime Bones

This is highly recommended for dogs who are:
  • pacing nervously
  • barking excessively
  • chewing objects destructibly
  • whimpering
  • urinating uncontrollably
  • continuously licking paws
Or for the record, any dog who just wants to unwind and relax after a day full of fun and excitement.

My verdict:

Delicious and all natural, the way nature intended! The perfect all-around gift to any dog lover!

Disclaimer: All opinions are honest and of my own. I do not receive any monetary compensation for doing this review. 

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