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Calming Collars Review and Giveaway

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Calming Collars Review and Giveaway

Thunder? Fireworks? Loud noises? Dog running around uncontrollably...breaking of furniture, whimpering? Sounds familiar? Yep. 7 of my dogs have problems with thunder and fireworks. One doesn't. The most unexpected one. My little Maltese. It's really true that small dogs have big hearts.

 Now the calming collars I have received are package in this paper with doggie paw prints.I say first impression last

A few years back, some of these new products are not yet introduced which made it difficult for pet owners to own a dog, they would rather prefer a fish or a bird. I can't spell out the difficulty I have experienced all those years. Wrapping each of my dogs in a towel and then bringing them to my bathroom during New year where the noise is the most minimum and I had to play a radio. I don't have a sound proof room so we had to huddle there every New Year's evening since I don't want to leave them by themselves as this can increase anxiety in my experience. It was memorable but not very pleasing.

So when good ideas and traditional solutions mix...what do we get? Calming Collars!

About the product:
Calming Collars are based on aromatherapy. Over the years we have developed and just about perfected two blends to help animals, in fact we have even been issued a patent on our unique design. The Calm Me Down is our most popular product. It helps the wearer relax and takes the edge off of scary situations. The Good to Go helps animals that suffer from motion sickness. Rounding out our product line are Too Cool Collars. They utilize polymer crystals that expand when wet to help keep the wearer cool.

All of our products are safe and use the same quality herbs and ingredients as our original "people" products. Even if eaten, they will not harm your pet.

Your purchase will be custom made to fill your order. Most orders are sewn and shipped within a week.

Now the good thing about this is that they're made of natural ingredients and not chemicals. You can really feel the herbs inside the collars. If you crushed them using your fingers, more scent would be released. I'm not entirely sure what kind of herbs but it has a lovely and even calming scent like lavender. The scent is the same with those spa candles and the smell like when in a high-end spa which we only go when we want to treat ourselves. So in short this is like a relaxing spa for our dog.

The collars are filled with dried herbs. No essential oils or other fillers. To be more exact the herbs were lavender, chamomile and balsam. Research has confirmed that lavender produces slight calming, soothing effect when inhaled. Chamomile is actually widely known as the soothing herb. It has been used as a medicinal plant for centuries. Balsam has a calming effect; it is an anxiety blend. This product is indeed the best of our natural world. It makes me appreciate nature more!

Since thankfully there are no more fireworks. I had to wait for a heavy rain with accompanying thunder to test it out since I will never light a firecracker to startle my dogs. So thunder it was then.

The thunder lasted only for a short while since I think it's not very common this season.

So did it work? Definitely. I only tested this out on one of my dog though since I can't do it on all eight of them. Aside from using the collar, I watched television instead of the usual radio. This time, the vase on the table did not break with the running. My dog just sat on the floor near the sofa eating his favorite kibble. Although I admit when the thunder strikes I could still feel his tension. Nevertheless, it was an amazing improvement.

The one below is a little unique. It's called the Too Cool collar.

About the product:

These collars are soaked briefly in water and the polymer crystals inside turn into a gel and expand. The gel helps your pet stay cool. They have been very popular with pets and their owners. Please note: these are not made with herbs and will not calm your pet!

This is perfect for the summer! Especially when the weather is extremely hot and this makes us open the air condition 24/7, the result? Huge electricity bills. This is a perfect saver for that.

Because I have so much faith in their products, I'm giving away a calming collar of your choice. I want you test it out personally and experience this amazing product.

All you have to do is:
1.  Choose which collar you want to win( pictured above)
2.  What is the best thing about natural pet products?
3. Subscribe to this blog for more giveaways! ( located at the right sidebar)

Email your answers to 

Official Contest information:
  • contest open to all readers (international)
  • the winner will be announced on this blog post at the conclusion of the contest
  • the winner will be notified by email and will have 72 hours to reply or a new winner will be chosen
  • Ends: April 30,2013
If you're interested to know more visit their site at

Disclaimer: All opinions are honest and of my own. I do not receive any monetary compensation for doing this review.
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