Goonch Catfish ( Bagarius Yarrelli ) Information and Where to Buy

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Goonch Catfish ( Bagarius Yarrelli ) Information and Where to Buy

Hello there everyone! I've noticed that I haven't posted in awhile, I'm sorry for that. I've really been busy over the past couple of days because I had to prepare for a dog show.

Anyway, last September 2 was my wedding anniversary. So I had to think of a gift for hubby which would be special enough and in this case quite different from the traditional gifts that we usually give....what a gave him was a GOONCH CATFISH! He's been talking about it for sometime ever since we went to a fish show and from then on I decided to surprise him.

I received this shipment from Global Aquatics Inc. (my favorite fish shop). I bought 2 Goonch catfish , one for hubby and the other one for my exotic fish enthusiast cousin who will also be celebrating his birthday on September 15.


I have to be honest with you my dear readers and I'm embarrassed to say that I was very much useless during the whole unpacking of the goonch catfish because I was a little afraid since I'm not very much experienced in these kinds of things. It's hubby's thing. I'm sure they don't call it devil catfish for nothing. So the above picture is the unpacking and transferring to our aquarium (we keep our aquariums in the garage area except for the heavily planted tank which cost me a fortune to put up!)

Tadaaa! Now that's what I call centerpiece for a monsterfish tank! If you plan to keep one of these fish make sure you have a very large tank as they are gigantic in nature. Have you seen Jeremy Wade's goonch catfish catch? It's fantastic! It's one of the reasons that influenced me to get this fish. Although make sure you are capable of taking care of them.

Here's a link on how to care for goonch catfish, it's also where I bought them:

Hanging around with new friends in his/her new home! I'm sure from now on hubby will be very much busy trying to feed all of his "little" pets as he's got a new addition to marvel at.

More pictures of his tank: 

Tankmates for goonch catfish include tiger shovelnose ( first monsterfish) , pangasius catfish and others.

Other fish in his collection:

I'm sorry if the lighting isn't that good. I plan to upgrade the garage lights into efficient yet energy saving bulbs in the near future and also my camera...

Food for the monster fish:

That's the food for the goonch catfish and the other predatory and exotic fish. Chopped frogs.. chicken heart, small fish I bought from the market, shrimp, etc.

Thank you for Global Aquatics Inc. for shipping on time. It arrived just 2 days before our anniversary, earlier than it wasn't much of a surprise gift anymore nevertheless I'm very happy. Although I can guarantee you readers that I did not present it during a romantic dinner or anything of that sort.

Next time, I'll be showing you more of my purchases which involves the most exotic freshwater fish that I am capable of buying, pet supplies, and other interesting things.

Edit: Goonch Catfish ( Bagarius Yarrelli) for sale. It turns out my cousin already purchased a goonch catfish and he is only capable of caring for one. If you are interested, please contact me.

This article is about Goonch Catfish ( Bagarius Yarrelli ) Information and Where to Buy

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