Pet Things You Should Never Buy Used

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 Pet Things You Should Never Buy Used

We, as avid pet owners love to buy things for our beloved dogs and cats. I remember the time when I first had my first dog. I would spend a lot of money just to pamper them and make them feel happy and content. I would buy new beds, toys, treats and even bought a DSLR just to capture their life's moments before it was lost during my trip in Alberta.

Going back to the topic, I've now learned to be more thrifty. But this doesn't mean I don't buy them the things that they need like medications, nutritious dog food and occasional treats. However I still prefer and advise people to buy brand-new things rather ones that are used or bought from a  garage sale.

Here are some pet supplies you should never buy used and I'll include the reason why:

1.  Pet Food and Treats

Recent pet food recalls had me worried, so why would I buy old food sold by other people? Even if the food hasn't been recalled, open bags of dog food and treats can contain bugs and bug eggs. This could be very hazardous to our pet's health and could cause various diseases ranging from mild to uncurable. Instead of saving money, you would be burdened by a sickly pet and constant visit to the vet.

A 40 pound good quality kibble cost $40 but if you choose to buy cheap pet food, vet bills could reach up to $1000+.

2.  Pet Beds, Mattress and Pillows

Who wouldn't want their pets to be comfortable? That's why dog beds are necessary if you care to deny that fact that buying them one keeps them off the sofa and your own bed.

However buying a used one is definitely not on my to-do list. It could come with a lot of extras you don't want. Aside from the odor and cleanliness issues it could contain fleas and flea eggs.

A flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day and around 500 in it's life span. The eggs will fall off the animal onto where they spend most of their time and the larvae which will burrow deep into fibers will eat some of the eggs some of the flea droppings and will spend 2-4 weeks in an insecticide-resistant cocoon.

I think all of us would like to be spared from vacuuming the whole house and removing the carpets aside from buying flea medications and let's not hope even hiring a flea exterminator.

An extra large dog bed 40"X35"X4 cost around $80 in AMAZON.COM. They're usually up on sale. For smaller dogs this can be a lot cheaper ranging from $10 to $50. It's also good to buy during days when they give huge discounts ( not only in Amazon but in all stores also).

While flea medication could cost you $24.Maybe not that much if you think about it, but would you rather have your house infested by fleas?

Same goes with dog combs if they are not washed thoroughly.

Anyway, just a random addition to this post:

I've found this cute picture and it really made my day. I hope it makes yours!

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