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What Should You Look For When Picking Puppy From Litter Of Many?

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What Should You Look For When Picking Puppy From Litter Of Many?

 How to pick the right puppy?

Once you have found the right breeder, it can be difficult picking puppy from litter that has many adorable pups. There are a few things you should look for when choosing an individual puppy...
  • First you have to consider male or female? Often the females are smaller in size, more submissive and less dominant where as males can be a little bit more independent with the tendency to wander.  This is a generalization and not always the case but a good guide to go by when picking puppy from litter of many. It can also vary from breed to breed, it is a good idea to investigate the breed if you haven’t already done so.

  • You might want to start by watching the puppies playing. It can be hard to resist the adorable shy puppy in the back of the cage with the big sad eyes.

However you’re best to avoid this puppy especially if your puppy is going to be around kids. On many occasions this puppy has anti-social tendencies with other pets and also yourself.

This behavior can indicate a fearful nature which can result in future issues with aggression, for example fear biting.

This isn’t always the case and if you’re willing to spend the time training and socializing your pup, this can be overcome but it does take extra work.

  • On the other hand, the dominant, pushy pup that is terrorizing all the other pups is not the best choice either when picking puppy from litter. Although this is usually the most entertaining puppy to watch, it can get old pretty quickly when you’re the one being terrorized.

    This particular pooch is likely to grow into a dog that wants to be the alpha dog of your family. Again this particular pup is not impossible to train, but is more difficult.

  • The ideal puppy in the litter is usually the one in the middle of the road, not too shy or to rough.
  • Generally a pup that has this status in the litter has a better ability to adapt and will fit in with your family quite comfortably.
  • Be sure to do a complete check over when picking puppy from litter.
This includes making sure there is no discharge coming from the eyes or ears, it is also a good idea to check the ears for any foul smells, these symptoms can often mean infections are present.Your puppy’s coat should be glossy and the skin smooth not dry or flaky.

Also a puppy with any symptoms such as:
- weight loss or pot bellied appearance
- diarrhoea
- blood in the stools
- general poor appearance and vomiting

Any of the above symptoms could mean your puppy may have a worm infestation or another condition that is likely effect the growth of the puppy.

Some of these can also put your family at a health risk.
Another sign that something isn’t quite right with the puppy is lethargy or tiredness.
Puppies do sleep most of the day away but make sure when the puppy is awake that it is lively and playful.

  • Play with the puppy. The ideal pup will allow you to have a pat and come towards you when you call it. If the puppy strays and follows its nose when you call it, this can indicate that the puppy has an independent tendency.

    A good indication of a pooch that feels comfortable with you is being able to roll them on their backs. If they allow you to do this, it usually indicates trust with yourself and people in general which can make for the perfect pet!
  • As hard as it might be, it is always a good idea to not buy the puppy the first time you meet it. From experience we know this can be very difficult to do. You will get a better indication of the puppy’s temperament if you have multiple visits before choosing the right one.

At the end of the day it comes down to what you’re looking for from your dog in terms of size, look and personality.

The task of picking puppy from litter of many cute ones can be hard, so make sure you have fun and check out the other areas of our site for more tips on what to look for and how to care for your new family member.

Tip: Once you have picked up your brand new puppy be sure to have a vet give the pup a complete check over. They will often be due to have vaccinations or worming as well.
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