Tasty Tuesday: Salmon and Egg Delight

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Tasty Tuesday: Salmon and Egg Delight
This is truly a dog’s breakfast – a smorgasbord of dog-friendly food items. The beauty of it is that you can probably make it out of leftovers. Or at least, you probably have the right stuff kicking around in your fridge.

What I’m going to do here is tell you what is in this particular bowl of fun, and I’m also going to offer you other options/substitutions.

This is a great every day meal, but dogs do need you to provide a variety of foods, so you just have to change some of the elements up every couple of days.

 Simply switch up the meats, carbs and veg. Don’t worry, this is not complicated! 

This particular Dog’s Breakfast is about 1/3 meat/protein, 1/3 carbs and 1/3 fruit/veggies. You can play around with the ratios and tailor this recipe to suit your own dog. Some like more veg, some don’t eat carbs, etc. etc.
I used leftovers from our supper the night before: just toss ‘er into the dish. No need to make it pretty like my picture.

One cup of baked salmon.
One cup of cooked brown rice.
2 hard boiled eggs. (No yolk for my senior dog)
1 grated carrot
1/2 of an apple, chopped.

Sprinkle with parsley if you have it, it’s great for their breath. I sprinkle a bit of bone meal powder (from health food store) or ground egg shells for calcium supplementation.
You could simply cut the ingredients in half for a smaller dog, or serve it two days in a row. It tastes great at night too, breakfast for dinner and all that.

One cup salmon = one cup of leftover rotisserie chicken, chopped turkey, beef, lamb. What did you have for supper last night?!

BROWN RICE SUBSTITUTIONS: 1 cup of cooked rice = one cup of cooked barley or even better a cup of cooked quinoa (a seed, not a grain). 

CARROT SUBSTITUTIONS: 1 carrot, basically this is a cup when grated. You can use finely chopped spinach, or a cup of steamed/lightly cooked dog friendly vegetables  – there are lots to choose from.

APPLE SUBSTITUTIONS: 1/2 apple = about a 1/2 cup – try pineapple, strawberries or other fruits that are good for dogs.

Eggs are great for dogs, and very affordable. Very nutritious, high in protein & fat which dogs need. As I mentioned, use egg whites for older or less active dogs. 

Happy Tuesday!

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