Top 10 Cutest Breeds of Dogs

By Blog Administrator - 20:21

Top 10 Cutest Breeds of Dogs

As the popular saying goes, "dogs are man's best friend." Dogs are definitely one of the smarter and more adorable species second to man.  In every household expect a dog as part of the extended family. These cute, fur-coated creatures are one of God's most prized creation.

Here listed below is a compilation of the world's cutest and most adorable dogs.

1. Pugs

2. Shar Peis
Cutest Dog Breeds 

3. Chihuahuas
Chihuahua - cutest dog breeds 

4. Pekingeses

5. French Bulldogs

6. Dalmatians

7. Welsh Corgis

8. Siberian Huskies

9. Maltese

10. Chow Chows

This adorable dog breeds are sure to capture your hearts! Make sure you read a lot about these cute breeds before getting one. Remember all dogs require dedication and love.

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