Pet Trickier Tricks: Bashful

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For this trick, you are looking for your dog to cover his face with a paw when you ask him, “Are you bashful?” Some other variations are “Are you shy?” or even “Are you guilty?”
Start by getting your treats and clicker ready, and grab either a stick-on note or a small piece of blue painter’s tape (not duct tape or anything super- sticky!). Place the stick-on note or tape on top of your dog’s nose, making sure that none of his whiskers get caught. When he swipes with his paw to get the note off, click and treat! Then put the note  

or tape back on his nose and try again. This will require a lot of repetitions because the paw swipe is a reflex action. It will take a while before your dog begins to consciously think about what he is doing that causes you to click. Once he gets it, introduce your cue.
Place the tape or note on his nose, give your cue, and click and treat when he swipes his nose with a paw. After a lot of practice, try giving him your cue without putting the stick-on note on his nose.
If he swipes his paw in response, have a big party! If not, go back a step and practice with the note or tape some more. Once your dog is swiping his nose on cue, you can work on getting him to hold his paw there longer to give the effect of him hiding his face.
When he puts his paw on his nose, click only if he holds it there for a second. When he is doing that consistently, require him to hold his paw on his nose for three seconds before you click and treat.
Then you can ask for five seconds. Your dog can now cover his face for several seconds on cue!

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