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We are all familiar with the sating “You are what you eat.” Well, imagine how much more applicable that would be if we ate the same thing every day. That is the case with our four-legged companions.

All of pets nutrition comes from the food that we provide for them, and that puts a tremendous responsibility on us to ensure that their diet meets their every need. In addition, if the nutrients we supply are not sufficiently healthy, or even not appealing to them, well, they simply will not eat.

As a veterinarian, I often have to answer difficult questions regarding complex behavioral changes, such as pets getting into the garbage or, worse, eating inedible objects.

Very often these behaviors can be linked to diets that are poor in nutritional value or deficient of certain vitamins or minerals.In my practice, we will rarely address even the most simple medical conditions without discussing diet.

Whether it is a minor skin condition or a complicated metabolic disorder, changes in diet are always part of the treatment plan. In this day and age, while there are many prescription diets to choose from,most are not designed to meet the individual taste buds or personality of every pet.

For this reason, having simple recipes that are both nutritious and appealing is a great way to supplement your pet’s diet and help give him a happier and longer life.It is important to stress that these recipes are designed to be supplemental and are not replacements for everyday food. While cooking for your animal companion can be a very rewarding, and sometimes bonding, experience, our pets have different physiological needs than we do. In fact, even different breeds have different nutritional requirements and may tolerate certain foods differently.

For example,Bulldogs and Boxers require a specific proportion of fiber in their diets, or they will be more prone to stomach irritations and diarrhea. Before embarking on an entirely home-cooked feeding regimen for your pet, you must have him thoroughly examined by a veterinarian to determine his exact needs.

If your pet is older or has a history of recurring illness, certain diagnostics, including full blood work, may help determine what type of diet best suits his individual needs.Always remember that healthy pets help make happy pets. What better way to keep your pets healthy than by feeding them a healthy diet?

And for that I have decided to create the "Tasty Tuesday" I would feature natural and healthy food recipes for both dogs and cats.

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