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How to Feed Hummingbirds by Hand

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How to Feed Hummingbirds by Hand

Most of us enjoy watching Hummingbirds come to our feeders, but did you know you can teach Hummingbirds to land on your finger to feed?

It may take a lot of time and patience, but you can teach your Hummingbirds to land on your finger for their feeding.  

I have found that this is the best recipe for making your own nectar--I feel the birds prefer it over the various instant mixes.

1 Part Sugar
4 Parts Water
Boil 1-2 Minutes
Cool & Store In Refrigerator

Never use honey or artificial sweeteners! Honey ferments easily, and can cause sores in a hummers mouth. Artificial sweeteners have no food value.

DO NOT use red food coloring in your solution, as this could be harmful to your hummers. No testing has been done on the effects dye has on birds. Most feeders have red on them and that should be enough.
Pick a comfortable place to hang a feeder where it will be easy for you to hold the feeder when you are ready to try feeding your Hummingbirds.

This will get the Hummingbirds used to coming to the location for feeding. Once your Hummingbirds have found the feeder and are using it regularly it will be much easier to get them used to your presence.

While you are getting them used to the feeder, watch the feeding times of your Hummingbirds, usually the heaviest feeding times are at dawn and dusk.

When the Hummingbirds are regularly using the feeder, it is time to get them used to your presence. Wear a bright shirt, red would be the best, and wear the same shirt each time you sit with the Hummingbirds so they get used to how you look.

Changing outfits may make the Hummingbirds think that a different person is there and you will have to start the process over each time.

Start off by sitting close to the feeder while they eat and do your best not to move (think statue). Move closer to the feeder every time you go out for feeding time.

The goal is to end up sitting right next to the feeder while they eat. Hummingbirds are very curious and will come to check you out, but it may take several days before they decide that you are not a threat, so be patient and keep trying.

Once they start feeding in front of you it is time to try to feed them.
Sit right next to the feeder and hold the feeder in your hand. Remember, think statue and don’t move for the best chance of success.

Your Hummingbirds should start using the feeder after a few attempts at holding the feeder.

Once you successfully have them eating from the feeder, put your finger up next to the feeder as a perch. With a lot of patience, you will have your little friends eating from your hand!

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