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Garra Rufa ( Doctor Fish) Information and Where to Buy

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Garra Rufa ( Doctor Fish) Information and Where to Buy

Today I received a shipment from Global Aquatics Inc. They were very kind enough to send a me a shipment of Garra Rufa more commonly known as Doctor Fish.

I was asked to choose from any ornamental fish available on their list including Bettas, Guppies and even some Exotic Freshwater Fish. But in the end I chose to have the Spa Fish more commonly referred to as Doctor Fish or Garra Rufa. I always wanted to have these, I just didn't know where to find and order them. The ones I got are genuine ones. Global Aquatics Inc. only sells the real genuine Garra Rufa.

Garra Rufas are a very great addition if you love to experince spa at home. I was already interested in Garra Rufa several years ago before I actually thought of the real benefits if could bring me.

I chose to try to establish my own home spa because I'm trying to save some money by avoiding visiting the spa often.

According to recent studies, Garra Rufas could gently and effectively peel off dead skins cells ( this is a plus for a pet owner like me!)

Not to mention the fun I had while watching them clean off my dead skin cells. It feels kinda ticklish but I enjoy every moment of it.

Garra Rufa also helps Psoriasis ,Eczema patients and even those with back acne.

There were a lot of reported cases that people are slowly but surely healing from their medical skin conditions after continuous exposure to Garra Rufa spa treatment. Some have preferred to buy their own stocks and have their own little and beneficial "spa" at home.

To read more about the benefits, visit this link:

So let's get on with the basics. How do I care for Garra Rufa?

Garra rufas are like any other regular fish and are easy to take care of if you have the proper equipments and food.

I ordered a lot of Doctor fish / Gara Rufa
Global Aquatics Inc. had sent me the shipment of Garra Rufas including free fish food that would last me for a long time. I also received an instructional brochure containing everything I need to know about Garra Rufas. For me it was more like of a book than a brochure. There was also a CD which I haven't viewed yet because I was occupied by watching my little "spa" workers.

For my tank I currently only have a filter, a heater and some plants ( which I guess are optional). I'm not sure if I plan to add more plants in the future. And one more thing, a tank cover, you could choose a customized one or just cut a suitable piece of mesh. All fish even the bottom feeders need tank covers.

You can visit this page for further information:

I am really grateful for Global Aquatics Inc. for sending me this shipments. They only send in healthy fish ( this is their priority) to ensure best customer service.

They also support several "Green" campaigns in help preserving an environment. I even got a free keychain together with the "Think Earth" kit.

Visit this page for info :

Their shipping method in shipping Garra Rufa.

My Garra Rufa order! Lots of boxes!
1. Ship in fresh clear aquarium water. Not in tap water.

2. They use special bags designed for shipping live fish. You can see that there's a metal clip that seals the bag and that's how you'll know. I'm impressed by this, most fish stores don't use the right type of bags.

3. The aquarium bag has around 25% water and the rest are pure oxygen.

4. The corners of the bags are crimped so that the fish won't get caught int he corners.

5. The bag is sealed with about 1 or 2 inches of slack.

6. There are two bags just in case the first one leaks

7. it was shipped inside a corrugated cardboard carton with a StyroFoam liner inside the carton to protect the fish from rapid changes in temperature.

If you want to buy Garra Rufa or do a special order visit this page:

Again thank you Global Aquatics Inc for sending me this shipment. I won't get tired saying it over and over again.

This article is about Garra Rufa ( Doctor Fish) Information on Care, Breeding and Where to Buy.

My very own Garra Rufa Doctor Fish Spa Aquarium Tank finally established!

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