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Though it may seem simple, you will be amazed at how many people are impressed by a fish who comes when called. Start by dividing the amount of food your fish gets each day into three portions.

This gives you three opportunities to practice each day. Place some sort of visual marker—an object your fish can easily see—at one end of the tank. A bright bead, a piece of coral, or a pirate ship would work.

This marker will show your fish where to go when he is called to get his food. Be sure that your marker isn’t something that will mess up the water chemistry of your fish’s tank or could contain toxins.

For example, don’t use a rock that you found and rinsed off, because it still isn’t as clean as your fish needs. And it may leak minerals into the water that are bad for your fish.

Next, take one portion of food and very lightly tap the surface of the water right above your marker while calling “Here, fishy fishy,” or some other cue. Then drop the food. Your fish will come running—er, swimming—to get his meal.

A little while later, repeat with the second portion. Later in the day, try again with the third. Repeat over several days. Before long, your fish will learn that a finger tapping the water means food will come to a specific spot in the tank. Always give your cue before you tap.

After several days, add a slight pause between the cue and the tap. Over time, you should be able to stop tapping and your fish will respond just to your voice. As long as you are patient, he will eventually come when you call.

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