Farm Animal Tricks: Come

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This one is for ducks and chickens, although other critters can learn it as well. These fine-feathered fowl love food, and you can use this to your advantage. Start your training session at mealtime.
To teach a group of fowl, scatter food on the ground or pour it into their food dish. When they come to you when they see you with food, add whatever cue you would like to use.
Maybe “Here, duck, duck, duck” or “Dinner!” After a couple of days, they will come running when you call. Always have something tasty to give them! You can also teach an individual chicken or duck to come.  

Your first step is to get her alone and in a small, confined space, such as a stall or a pen. Have some seeds, berries, or whatever she likes to eat. If she is afraid of you, start by getting her used to your presence the way I described at the beginning of this chapter.
Work on getting her to come up to you. Once she’s got that down, you can start working on come. Hold your hand out flat with a treat on it. When your bird comes to you, give her the treat. Repeat several times. Now add the cue you have chosen.
When she is consistently coming when called, try going to a larger enclosure. Stop by at various times during the day to call to her, always with treats ready. Before long, she’ll come reliably no matter where she is.

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