Farm Animal Tricks: Bow

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Bow works for horses, mules, donkeys, miniature horses, goats, cows, and sheep. For this trick, you will need a touch stick.
Start by teaching your animal to touch the touch stick with her nose when you say “touch.” At first, you will hold the stick out in front of her, about as high as her head, for her to touch it.
Once she understands how you are using the touch stick, begin to gradually lower the stick. Your goal is for her to touch the end of the stick when it is held down near her front hooves. Be patientt and go slowly.  

You might end up lowering the stick just a few inches each day. When she is consistentlyy touching the stick downn by the ground, switch your cue from “touch” for the touch stick to “bow.”
Repeat several times, and don’t forget to click and treat. Next, put the touch stick away and try just giving the cue. If she doesn’t bow, get the stick back out and work on that some more before trying again without the stick.

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