Monday, 2 May 2011

Farm Animal Tricks: Shake

Posted by Blog Administrator at 02:18
Horses, mules, donkeys, miniature horses, goats, cows, and sheep can all learn to shake. Get your clicker and treats ready. Wait until your animal moves her hoof. When she does, click and treat.
Repeat several times until she is moving her foot on purpose to get a treat. Then start clicking only if she lifts her hoof all the way off the ground.
Once she is doing that consistently, require her to hold her hoof up for a few seconds before you click and reward her.  

At this point, you can introduce your cue. Give your cue, wait until she raises her hoof and holds it out for a few seconds, and then click and treat.
Repeat a few times. Now, when she holds her hoof out, take it in your hand and click and treat. Be sure to click and, if possible, give her the treat while you are holding her hoof to let her know that this is what you want.
Repeat several times. After that, reinforce her only if she raises her hoof when you ask her to
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