Monday, 2 May 2011

Cat Tricks: Spin and Twirl

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For these two tricks, you will need something to lure your cat. You can try a touch stick or a cat toy with a feather on the end of a stick.

 Start by playing with your cat, dragging the toy across the floor and getting him to chase it. When he’s following the toy, use it to lure him in a small circle. He should follow it.

Then play some more. You can gradually make the circle smaller until your cat is spinning as if he is chasing his tail. In fact, he might get distracted by his tail!

Be sure to have him go both directions. This may turn out to be his favorite game.

You can use a laser pointer to teach a cat to spin and twirl. Some cats go crazy for the laser dot and will happily chase it. There are just two things to be careful about.

The first is never shine the laser into the cat’s eyes. The second is that since there’s nothing for the cat to catch when he’s chasing a laser, end each training session by having the laser dot land on a toy that your cat can pounce  on.

If your cat becomes too revved up by the laser to relax when the training session is over, switch to another toy or a favorite treat as a training lure.
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