Cat Tricks: Sit Pretty and Jump

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Sit Pretty
Using either a treat or a toy, lure your cat up and back so that he is perched on his back legs, then click and treat. Repeat several times.
Make a sweeping motion as you lure him up so that later you can use this motion as a signal that you want him to sit up even if you don’t have the toy with you. Just remember, cats usually require a reward every time they do a trick!
Cats are born jumpers, and they love to jump.  Use a toy to lure your cat over the jumps. Also take breaks now and then to let your cat catch the toy and play a little—the chase is no fun if he never gets to catch it!
Use a toy to lure the cat over the jumps. Most cats are able to catch the toy often enough to stay highly interested. If your cat isn’t able to catch the toy often, you might want to take frequent breaks to let your cat catch the toy and play a little.
If your cat is overweight or out of shape, give him breaks to rest. When working with jumps, start low and gradually increase the height if your cat seems comfortable with it. Cats can jump a lot higher than dogs. They can also jump from one raised place to another—say, from the couch to a chair. Remember not to ask kittens to jump over anything very high.
Wait until the cat is at least 1 year old before you start high jumps. Cats also do agility as a sport. With a touch stick or a toy on a string, you can lure your cat over jumps and ramps and through tunnels.
On a rainy day, set up a cat agility course indoors and see how much your cat enjoys it!

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