Cat Tricks: Shake and High Five

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Yup, cats can shake paws, too. Get together some treats or your cat’s favorite toy and your clicker. Now you’re ready to get started. The first step is to get your cat to lift his paw off the ground even a little bit.
You may have to wait a while, depending on how soon your cat decides he is bored and moves. As soon as one of his front paws moves, click and treat. Then you should have his attention. Repeat several times until he is lifting his paw again and again, looking for a treat.  

What you want is for him to decide to lift his paw on purpose—not just do it because he is on his way somewhere else. When your cat is lifting his paw consistently, put your hand out right next to his paw. When he moves his paw, slide your hand under it.
Click and treat or throw a toy for him. Repeat this a couple of times. After a few repetitions, don’t move your hand to meet his paw. Instead, wait and see if he will put his paw in your hand. If he doesn’t do it right away, you may need to repeat the step where you put your hand under his paw.
Do this a few more times. When he puts his paw in your hand, click and offer a reward. Once your cat is putting his paw in your hand regularly, gradually raise your hand so that he has to lift his paw higher to put it in your hand and get a reward.
Remember to lower your hand a little if he seems to be having trouble. At this point, you can add your cue, or you can just use the hand signal, holding your hand out to him, palm up.
Most cats need a signal or a physical cue as well as a verbal cue, although a few will work for verbal cues only. (That’s another way in which cats are different from dogs.)
High Five
You can teach your cat high-five the same way you teach shake. To get him to give an actual high-five as opposed to a “low-five,” you can gradually turn your hand so that your palm is facing him. Remember to always click and treat when he does it right! After you have repeated this several times, he will see the position of your hand and know that it’s time to give you a high-five.

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