Monday, 2 May 2011

Bird Tricks: Step Up

Posted by Blog Administrator at 01:40
For this trick, you will need your clicker, treats, and some sort of perch for your bird, such as a stick or dowel. The perch should be a comfortable size for your bird to grab onto with his feet.
Hold the perch near where your bird is sitting, and—you guessed it!—wait. If he steps right onto the perch, click and treat.
However, he probably won’t. In this case, you will need to click and treat just if he looks at the perch and shows some interest. Repeat several times.  

Now you can require him to lift a foot before you click and treat. Repeat this a couple of times. Now, click and treat only if your bird touches the perch with his foot. When he is doing that, the next step is to click if he grabs the perch with his foot.
Once he is doing that consistently, wait until he is stepping onto the perch with both feet before you click and treat. Repeat until he reliably steps onto the perch when it’s offered.
Don’t forget to click and treat! Now you can introduce your cue word. Use something that will be easy to remember, like “step up.” Give your cue, and when he steps onto the perch, click and treat. Only reward him for stepping up when you ask him to.
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