Pet Classic Skills:Wave

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If your dog already knows shake, this is an easy trick to teach. Since I usually have my dogs use their right paws for shake, I do wave with the left paw. This way, they don’t get confused. Have your
clicker and treats ready!
Begin by holding out your hand as if you want your dog to shake. This is a hand signal, a motion that your dog will associate with a particular behavior. It’s much like the signals a baseball catcher uses to communicate with the pitcher.  

As soon as your dog raises her paw even a millimeter off the ground, click and treat. As she gets more confident, require her to raise her paw a little higher before you click.
Initially, it doesn’t matter which paw she raises—you can be particular about that later. Remember that the
game is her figuring out what she has to do to make you click (and treat!).
Once she is consistently lifting a paw, you can add the cue “wave” along with the hand signal. You can also get pickier. If you want her to raise her left paw when you say “wave,” click only when she raises her left paw. Even if she has been raising her right paw all along, if you wait her out she will eventually lift
the left paw.
At this point, click and treat and have a big celebration. When you’re working on wave, be sure to occasionally review shake. That’s because at first your dog may get confused and have trouble understanding that these two very similar things are actually separate tricks. Practice will help
her sort it all out.

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