Saturday, 30 April 2011

Pet Classic Skills: Speak

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Once again, have your clicker and treats ready before you begin. Just like many other tricks, speak comes naturally to some dogs. Of course, you’ll have to settle for a bark as opposed to a conversation in English! This trick can be helpful with dogs who are extremely yappy.
Once you have taught them to bark on cue, you can also teach them to be quiet on cue. When your dog barks, you can tell her “good, now quiet!” You may need to get your dog really excited before she will bark. Or you may have a dog who barks a lot.  

When she does bark, click and treat and say “good!” Repeat several times. It may take a while before she will bark without already being revved up, so be patient. Add your cue word only when your dog is consistently barking to get a treat. If you ask her to speak when she is calm and she doesn’t bark, get her a little more excited and keep working at it.
Eventually, when you tell her to speak, she should bark. To make a speak a little fancier, add a different cue word and put it in the form of a question. For example, you could tell her, “Bark once if you like parties.”
To teach this trick, simply use the cue “bark once” and click and treat only if she barks a single time. Then you can use the cue in all sorts of different situations. Since the cue is “bark once,” you can change the questions, too. “Bark once if you want Dad’s hamburger” or “Bark once if you like my new jeans.”
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